Our Story

ZenVita Wellness is a female owned wellness brand, created for individuals like you wanting to improve your health through plant medicine. Our tea and latte formulas were specifically curated by a naturopathic doctor with your health in mind. Ethically and organically sourced ensuring the highest quality of the plants. You'll be able to taste the difference. We strive to reduce environmental waste through our eco-friendly packaging.


Our Values:

Clean high-quality ingredients: our teas & powders are 100% organic and sourced with quality top of mind. To keep our powders at their finest we packaged them in amber glass jars so the light does not disrupt the product.

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly: we strive to have minimal waste. Our packaging is compostable. From the standup kraft tea pouches to our mailer bags which break down into water, co2, organic matter and are made from bio-based material. We package our powders into recyclable amber glass jars.

Small Batch Blends: we are a small business, that creates small batched tea blends to ensure the highest quality and freshness delivered


Meet our founder:

I've always been very interested in the healing benefits of plants and how they can be used for our health. This interest ultimately lead to me becoming a naturopathic doctor to further understand how they play a role in wholistic healing. 

I created the ZenVita Tea brand to have specific formulas which help with a variety of symptoms such as; improving sleep, reduce stress/ anxiety, improve digestion, supporting detox pathways, improving energy/ focus, and support for pregnancy and breast feeding.

Enjoying a few cups of tea is part of my daily routine. It centres and grounds me, allowing more space for creativity and productivity to flow. Nothing compares to a warm cup of tea to sooth and comfort you. It brings us back into our body and helps to diminish life stressors.

Creating more mindfulness in your life, starts with a healing cup of tea.